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A Web Site for Architecture & Design-Related Info, Products & Services:

Design-Site is an edited resource guide to architecture, interior design, urbanism, and sustainable design. Design-Site has been online continuously since 1995. The site now includes blogs about Urbanism and Marketing your Design Business, an e-zine called Provocations, and a Bookstore filled with specially selected titles about architecture, interiors, urban design, sustainable design and related topics.


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ShelterBox Responds to Disasters Worldwide

Your donations helps send Shelter Boxes to those who need them most.

Please make a donation now at ShelterBox USA or call 941-907-6036.


Since its inception in 2000, ShelterBox has provided shelter and dignity following over 100 disasters in more than 63 countries, bringing the organization to the forefront of international disaster relief.  ShelterBox instantly responds to earthquake, volcano, flood, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami or conflict by delivering boxes of aid. In many cases �ShelterBoxes� have made the difference between life and death.  


VIDEO: Greenlife




VIDEO: JANE JACOBS: Cities in Action
"All hypotheses get tested in the real world." "Everyone needs networks of other people. It's impossible to make community without networks."






Lots of new architecture books about colorsustainable design, historic preservation. Also, architecture texbooks and urban design textbooks.

Good Old Urbanism -Discovering existing communities that already manifest many of the principles of the New Urbanism.

Marketing Your Design Business Design business marketing tips and strategies for architects, planners and interior designers.  

A Journal of Architecture and Ideas. Pans and Plaudits.

Local shopping for unique clothing and gifts. Best places to live, where walking downtown is fun. Cafes with interesting food and ambience. Walking around parks, beaches, trails, and streets. 


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